We currently have a number of ordering and shipping options
Here are our current offerings - use our CONTACT page for ordering
Pricing is subject to change depending on size of animal, costs for processing, and actual weight of your purchase.

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Whole Steer
Price $6.25 per pound
(550 - 750 lbs = +/- 14 cu. ft. of freezer space)

You choose how you want it cut, and you can use your processor or ours. People usually go in together for this much beef.

Whole steers must be scheduled in advance. There is a 2-3 week wait for scheduling the processing with our processor and a 2 week time for hanging / aging.
Half Steer / Side
Price $7.50 per pound
(200 lbs = 6 cu. ft. of freezer space)

A half a steer can be ordered either from our stock of beef or at the time of processing. If you can wait until we are processing a steer you have some say on how you want your cuts to be. Otherwise we generally have our standard cutting. See our cutting list below.

Balanced Quarter
Price $8.50 per pound
(100 lbs = 3 cu. ft. of freezer space)

Called a Balanced Quarter because we put a mix of all of the cuts into a quarter. Some quarters may have one roast or steak that another may not. For example there are only two flank steaks per steer, so only two of the quarters can have that cut. We balance that by including another premium cut.

Balanced Eighth
Price $10.00 per pound
(50 lbs = 1.5 cu. ft. of freezer space)

Like a Balanced Quarter this is a mix from all of the cuts. Here is a sample list from a Balanced Eighth (actual cuts may vary depending on availability):

Cut - approximate weight - Quantity
Ground - 0.9 - 20
Brisket - 4 - 1
Fillet - 0.35 - 2
Skirt - 1 - 1
Rib Eye - 0.6 - 2
Sirloin Tip Roast - 2 - 1
Cube Steak - 1 - 2
Stew Beef - 1 - 2
Chuck Roast - 3.5 - 1
Sirloin Steaks - 1 - 2
N.Y. Strips - 0.5 - 3
Beef Shoulder Roast - 2 - 1
Family Package
Price $12.00 per pound
(20 lbs > 1 cu. ft. freezer space)

Here is enough beef to keep you for about 2 months if you are a family of 3, have beef 3 times a week of average size servings

Ground Beef - 10lbs
Roasts - 2
Stew Beef - 4 lbs
Steaks - 4

(cuts may vary depending on availability)

Custom Package
Price: Custom

Tell us what you want and we will give you a price!

Want all ground then we can do that.
Don't want roasts, we can do that...

Or tell us what your eating habits are like and how much beef you would like to store, how much storage you have, and we will help you with your order.

Typical Cutting List

Here is our last cutting list from 2 steers (one steer would be 1/2 of this)

Approx Wt.
Ground 390 1 390
Beef Stew 23 1 23
Cube Steaks 30 1 30

Filets 21 0.5 10.5
Sirloin Steaks 30 2 60
Short Ribs 12 3 36
Rib Eyes 37 1 37
Strips 44 1 44
Skirt Steak 11 1 11
Flank Steak 4 2 8

Chuck Roasts 36 4 144
Briskets 8 5 40
Rump Roasts 4 3 12
London Broils 6 3 18
Shoulder Roast 6 3 18
Round Roasts 3 4 12

Delivery / Shipping

If you are nearby you are welcome to come and pick up your order.
We will also pack and deliver your order if you are within 25 miles of Calhoun, GA.
or we can meet you in between. If you are picking up or meeting us please
bring a suitable cooler.

All of our shipping is done in styrofoam lined coolers in heavy weight corrugated
boxed and is packed with enough dry ice to last the anticipated shipping time
(usually 1-2 days) plus an extra day. Shipping via UPS or FedEx is charged
at the shipping cost plus 10% for handling + box & dry ice costs.

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